Friday is for Rawk! The Things We Find…

A recent purge of overstuffed desk drawers yielded these rawk and rollll memories. Maybe this year will be the year I scan all of my old negatives and bring them back to the light of day and start a spreadsheet of the shows I’ve been to so I could tell you where they came from. La Tortuga came from mission experience in Oxacca … my how things have changed.



Friday is for Rawk! Are Gallows the Future?

Gallows Rage, originally uploaded by wrachele.

England’s Gallows are either the future of punk rawk or the next casualty of a short fuse and an oversaturated sense of alienation. When this explodes one way or the other, thousands will say they were at this show but the reality was siginificantly lower. This is last truly scary band I’ve seen since … well, its been a long time.