Distraction or Attraction

Looking out the window of my office at this early hour and watching the sunrise turn the bottoms of the gray clouds a vivid pink, fading to orange as the cacophony of the avian masses sing their praises to the Creator, once again I am struck by the glory of God. The simple beauty of His creation stirs my heart each day and I bend in worship. It takes nothing more than a sunrise or a single flower or the languorous flight of one of the water birds off the nearby lake to focus my attention on the greatness of the Lord.

Yet, come Sunday, churches across the land will focus their worshippers on the video screens and try to gain their attention through technically proficient multimedia shows. I wonder if we’ve gone a bit overboard to the point where our attention is distracted. We have the ability to project our praise lyrics over the top of moving images that transition into a video vignette that leads to a twelve slide set of sermon notes, all with stunning transitions and a fade to black before coffee. Do we really need this? Perhaps our attention would be better focused on God if we were to shift our worship hour to 5:00 AM to see His natural transitions and images.


4 thoughts on “Distraction or Attraction

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I always feel closest to God at dawn or dusk as I overlook His creation. From something as simple as the rhythmic crashing of the waves along the shore to the mroning dew on the grass, God’s presence is everywhere if we just choose to see it.

  2. I have a daily devotional time everyday, that is when I’m still and quite before the Lord. Most of the Christians I know do not have any kind of quite time. They go to church on sunday mornings and listen to the music, and the sermon, and that is it. Oh! if they only knew the sweetness and of the growth in our relationship with Him when we are quite and still before Him. Yes, I see Him in the glory of His creation. But I know Him when I’m quite and still before Him.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts my friends. Sometimes we make following the Lord so complicated, don’t we. Just look around and you can’t miss His handiwork

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